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What's New

2009/12/18Notice of New Year Holiday Period

ICST Corporation office will be closed from Wednesday, 30th December 2009 until Monday, 4th January 2010.


2009/12/08ICST Logo mark registration

ICST Logo mark registration in Japan (Class3,5 No.5270626) was completed.




2009/11/09ICST on Korea Maeil Business Network TV

Korea Maeil Business Network TV interviewed ICST on October 14th, and the program was aired on November 9th.

The program featured Intellectual Property Right of Local governments, and reported ICST's cooperation with Bio Tel in Korea and Oxygen generator sales in Japan.


2009/09/28Renewal of ISO13485 & ISO9001

ICST renewed ISO13485 & ISO9001. ISO9001 is changed to ISO9001:2008.


ISO 9001:2008



2009/09/11Advertisement on "LiSA"

ICST place advertisement for Oridion "Microstream" on medical journal "LiSA".


2009/09/09Trademark registration for "Mamma Catcher"

Japan Trademark registration for "Mamma Catcher" (Class16, 25 No.5248888) was completed. "Mamma Catcher" is disposable apron for baby.


Trade Mark "Mamma Catcher"


2009/09/02Start sales of N99 Respirator Mask

ICST started sales of N99 Respirator Mask which NIOSH certified to have a filter efficiency of 99% of airborne particles (FFP3 approved by EC as well). N99 Respirator Mask help prevent Swine flu or other flu infection.

This mask can be worn up to 28 days without loosing its filtration or antimicrobial efficacy.


2009/08/27China Trademark registration

China Trademark registration for "Nozomi" (Class 9 No.5319174, Class 10 No.5319176) was completed.


20090827.bmp  20090827_2.bmp


2009/07/21Summer Vacation Notice

Please be informed that inquiries and messages during the following vacation period will be answered on or after August 18. am 9:30. Thank you for your consideration.

Vacation Period: August 12, 2009 to August 17, 2009 (JST)


2009/05/21"NOZOMI"Brand Trade Mark was registered in India

Trade Mark Registration in India for ICST's "NOZOMI" Brand has been completed.




The Trade Mark was registered in Class 1, 3, 9, 10 and 11. The application date is the valid date in India, so Registration date is April 7th,2009.



2009/05/15Lunch & Learn Symposium in June

The European Society of Anesthesiology Meeting 2009 will be held on June 7-0th, 2009 in Milano, Italia.

In the Meeting, Oridion Medical 1987 Ltd will hold Lunch & Learn Symposium on June 7th (Sun.)12:15-13:45 at The Pink 3 Hall, with the theme "Sedation procedures: Improved Monitering for Patient Safety", moderated by professor Hans Knape, University Medical Center Utrecht.




Here are some information on the symposium, please visit the following website for the details.

ESA2009 WEB Page : www.oridion.com/ESA2009