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2006/02/22The paper contest exhibition

Although ICST was performing the paper contest with a prize for the college student, the following two persons were awarded as a result of examination.

Highest award
(prize of 150,000 yen)
Mr. Michiaki Shishido (The Yamagata University graduate school science-and-engineering graduate course system information engineering speciality)
"Construction of an efficient visitor medical-examination support system"
Prize for an excellent work
(prize of 50,000 yen)
Ms. Chihiro Sato (The Yamagata University humanities division, the department of a comprehensive policy, the international trading method speciality)
"Possibility of the medical business in BRIC's"

In the lunch seminar of the Saitama SOHO entrepreneur conference and SOHO Shin-toshin cosponsorship, the winners were invited on February 17 and the "student paper with a prize exhibition" (ICST sponsorship, the Saitama SOHO entrepreneur conference support) by the winners was held.

On the day, there is also coverage of Nihon Keizai Shimbun and it was greatly reported to the Saitama version on the next day.



Mr. Shishido (left), Ms. Sato (right)
and our president Yokoi (center)

Paper announcement scenery 


2006/02/20ICST sent to the Business arena in Sai no kuni 2006 for display.

ICST exhibited the oxygen concentrator " O2 Personal α " in the CERES corporation. booth in the " Business arena in Sai No Kuni 2006 &rdquo held in the Saitama super arena on 9-10 February, 2006.


20060220.jpg  20060220_2.jpg


2006/02/03Trademark registration of "NOZOMI" was completed.

Although ICST had advanced preparation of trademark registration of "NOZOMI", on January 13, 2006, setting registration of a trademark right was performed at the Patent Office, and registration was completed.

ICST will aim at goods deployment by the "NOZOMI" brand from now on.

Subject name: Japan trademark registration No. 4921413
Trademark "NOZOMI" (with an image)
Classification of goods The 9th kind, The 10th kind
Specified goods The physics and chemistry machie instruments,
The photograph machine instruments,
The medical machine instruments,
The home electricity massaging tools


 20060203.jpg   20060203_2.jpg
Trademark registration certificate


2006/01/30It carries in "The Independent Encyclopedia 2006."

Our president Hiro Yokoi spoke about own foundation experience, the own present condition, etc. in the senior entrepreneur lecture of the week end seminor "The One Yen floatation seminar"( the name is changed to a "new caompaly low seminor" now) sponsered by of Saitama Prefectural Business Startup Support Center and Saitama SOHO entrepreneur conference on November 11, 2005.

This situation was carried by the "entree [special edit] independent encyclopedia 2006" (published by RECRUIT CO,.LTD.) saled on January 16, 2006. Yokoi's lecture scenery and an original notebook way are introduced in report of the title "Sneak report : Editor Ishida challenges seriously. Teacher, Can I also become independent ?" (P. 185).


2006/01/08ICST participates in the dry mouth project of LIFE.

"A meal" is the act which cannot take healthily and cannot be separated. From this viewpoint, importance of "a mouth care" for eating firmlyis beginning to be attached in these days.
Partcularly, a subject with a dry mouth syndrome is important in Europe. The shortage of secretion of saliva causes many obstacles, such as a digestion obstacle, a conversation obstacle, a taste obstacle, and mouth infection.This is an important problem especially in elderly people, and will pose a problem which cannot be bypassed even in Japan which greets a future aging society.
The mouth moisture meter (Mucus) which LIFE designs, develops and sells is the only thing in the present world as equipment which measures the level of a dry mouth.
ICST participated in the project for making Mucus into a de facto standard which LIFE superintends and ICST and LIFE have agreed for ICST to take charge of manufacture of equipment in the overseas, and the sale to Europe which is a dry mouth advanced nation.


LIFE URL : http://www.1drymouth.net/ (Japanese Only)


2006/01/08ICST is capital participation to JCC cosmetics.

ICST made capital participation South Korean company JCC cosmetics in December, 2005 as the beginning which performs enterprise deployment to a promising cosmetic field.
JCC cosmetics newly start a Mymemime brand and will promote preparation / selling enterprise of basic cosmetics which is called personal cosmetics and which suited the individual skin from now on.
In connection with it, ICST develops the personal cosmetics from Seoul to Russia in collaboration with JCC cosmetics.


2005/12/06ICST send to Japanese Society of Judo Therapy Since for display.

Japanese Society of Judo Therapy Since meeting held on December 3 and the 4th It exhibited by borrowing HearMec co,. LTD's booth at the newest physiotherapy apparatus show put side by side in the 14th scientific conventions.
There were also many inquiries from the contractor of manual therapeutics and osteopathy relation, and they had an echo.


The exhibition hall entrance

HearMec's Booth


2005/11/28Medica2005 inspection.

Hiro Yokoi, our president, inspected MEDICA 2005 held in Dusseldorf/German on November 16 to 19 and the oxygen concentrator O2 Personal α was exhibited in the British booth.

"In the hall, the trade fair center MessePlaza in Dusseldorf has divided into the 17 buildings, and the width is also overwhelmed. In MEDICA, about 3300 companies have displayed and the number of visitors for four days is over 120,000 people. Therefore, what is seen anyhow is the most difficult work, and all cannot be abandoned at all. It is regrettable that all cannot be seen, even if there is much overlooking and it walks hard every year.
If this show is related with medical treatment, all products and services will be exhibited and buyers and manufacturers will gather from 120 or more nations in the world. In order to do a medical enterprise, this show is such a place which cannot be bypassed and which can start business with the world positively rather using this place. Since it is world's largest medical apparatus show, we want to do our best so that business may be made with an independent booth in the near future. " (Hiro Yokoi)


Messe plaza


Exhibition scenery

MEDICA2005 Guidance board


2005/11/28We sends to the Sai no kuni venture market for display.

The 10th Sai No Kuni venture market which Saitama Prefecture sponsors was held on November 25, and ICST displayed the oxygen concentration machine. There were also many inquiries about an oxygen concentrator and it was the significant exhibition which a spread of the business in the country can expect.


The Venture Market


2005/11/09ICST sends to the venture market of Sai no kuni for display.

An oxygen concentration machine is sent to "the 10th venture market of Sai no kuni" which Saitama Prefecture sponsors on November 25 for display.

Date: November 25, 2005.
The hall: Industry-university exchange plaza 1F Seminar room.

Refer to the following homepage for a participating application etc.
Saitama Prefectural Business Startup Support Center URL:


2005/11/09ICST sends to Japanese Society of Judo Therapy for display.

The oxygen concentrator is sent in HearMec co,. LTD. booth in the 14th scientific convention juxtaposition exhibition hall held on 3-December 4.

Japanese Society of Judo Therapy The 14th scientific conventions
Date: 3-4 December, 2005.
The hall: An Ota-ku industrial plaza (PiO).
1-20-20, Minami-Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 144-0035


2005/11/01ISO-9001 certificate arrived.

The certificate of attestation of ISO 9001 arrived from UKAS. Thereby, ICST became an ISO 9001 authorization company formally


ISO9001 certificate


2005/10/10ISO 9001 book examination end.

Although preliminary examination of ISO 9001 was ended on September 5, this examination was also ended with no problems on October 6. It is at the stage where it is waiting to publish a recognition certificate from UKAS now through examination of SGS which is an examination organization. a recognition certificate is due to be delivered in October.


2005/09/16The business exchange meeting 2005 is completed.

Our president Hiroyuki Yokoi gave a lecture on the title of a "floatation success experience announcement" by the business exchange meeting 2005 held in the industry-university exchange plaza seminar room on September 10. An exchange meeting has 107 persons' participation despite a capacity of 100, and it became prosperous.





2005/09/16ICST received the grant of two liceses.

ICST received the grant of the medical equipments manufacturing license and the second sort medial equipment manufacturing-and-selling license on September 5. These are based on the revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Law of enforcement on April 1, 2005.
A license number of the manufacturing license is 11BZ200028 and a license number of the second sort medical equipments manufacturing-and -selling license is 11B2X10002.


The medical equipments manufacturing license

The second sort medial equipment
manufacturing and selling license


2005/09/07ICST introduces for TSR information.

ICST was introduced by the special feature article "a venture business in the Sai-no-kuni" of the TSR information (Saitama version) 2005 summer special issue publised by Tokyo Shoko Research, Ltd.


2005/09/07Preliminary examination of ISO 9001 is passed.

Although ICST had performed maintenance and employment of an in-house function aiming at acquisition of ISO 9001 (version in the 2000 fiscal year), it underwent the primary examination by SGS and passed on September 5. Business is under promotion in order to ensure employment towards this examination in October.


2005/09/07Our President will give a lecture at the business exchenge meeting.

The "business exchenge meeting 2005" (NPO Saitama SOHO entrepreneur conference, Saitama industrial creation foundation, Saitama Prefectual Business Startup Support Center cosponsorship) held on September 10. Mr. Hideaki Fujio who is president of Chichi publishing company will give a lecture entitles "Humanics of encounter". In advance of it, our president Hiroyuki Yokoi speaks about his floatation experience entitles "Floatation success experience announcement".


2005/08/12NOZOMI brand first shipment

ICST started shipment of the foot masserger used as the first product of its own brand "NOZOMI".
(Images enlarge on click !)


20050812_2.jpg  20050812_3.jpg  20050812_4.jpg

20050812_5.jpg  20050812_6.jpg


2005/08/12A lecture is given on Mr. Yokoi by Entrepreneur DOit.

In August 12, Mr. Yokoi our president did the lecture that was performed in the Saitama center of Employment and Human Resources Development Organization of Japan by the theme of "Making a business plan like this !" for one hour in mini exchenge meeting after Entrepreneur DOit.

Entrepreneur DOit is foundation / management reform seminar that distribute to over one hundred places using a satellite circuit. The Saitama center has 30 persons' participation and the active questions and answers were made after the lecture.




2005/07/22ICST was introduced on the Nikkan Kougyou Shinbun.

With the series report "Cultivate a new growth route" of Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun on July 19, ICST entitled "In quest of Only one / Medical equipments are divided by Japan, Taiwan and Russia." and was introduced.


2005/07/19ICST was introduced on the "NEXT STAGE."

ICST was introduced with the president's comment as a foundation support menu used company by "NeXT stage" (Next Stage) 2005 Vol.5 which was published by The Saitama City Foundation for Industrial Creation .


2005/07/01ICST increased office

ICST passed examination with business expansion as an entering company of the Anzankan that The Saitama City Foundation for Industrial Creation administered, and now increase Room 205 of MIO Kitaurawa as an office. We aim at expansion of a business in future while receiving various supports from The Saitama City Foundation for Industrial Creation.


2005/07/01ICST was introduced with The Nikkan Kougyou Shinbun.

Saitama special feature to call "The rich network of Thing structures : Cheerful a lot of SAITAMA" carried in page 17 - 20 of The Nikkan Kougyou Shinbun of June 27th.
It took up "Ichioshi KIgyou award" as "a commendation system I encouraged a small-sized and venter business , and to promote development of a company in a prefecture" with page 20, and ICST was introduced in entering photograph.


2005/05/19Ichioshi KI-gyou plan award commendation ceremony

In Saitama Prefectural Business Startup Support Center, the Ichioshi KI-gyou plan award commendation ceremony obtained attendance of Mr. Kiyoshi Ueda, governor of Saitama Prefecture on May 19. ICST won the highest award by this prize. The extra prize of 1 million yen of a certificate of merit, a shield, and an extra prize was directly presented to Hiroyuki Yokoi, our president, from a governor's hand. Moreover, the speech of gratitude was described representing winners


20050519.jpg  20050519_2.jpg


2005/04/25ICST's business case was carried

ICST's business case was carried "The cases to make inroads into the new area and found" published EHDO (Employment and Human Resources Development Organization of Japan) Saitama.
EHDO is the organization which offers various services about employment, such as implementation of information offer / consultation assistance about employment management and a floatation, and the vocational training and career consulting to tenure-of-office persons and applicants, and support for career consulting which a company performs.


EHDO Saitama URL : http://www.ehdo.go.jp/saitama/


2005/04/18The medical tools selling business permit was given to ICST

The medical tools selling business permit was given to ICST on March 31.(Youhan 9-994gou)




2005/04/13ICST get the highest award!

ICST won the highest award for the "Ichioshi KIgyou plan taisyou" which Saitama Prefectural Business Startup Support Center choose.
We do gratitude for the ability of the glorious highest award to have been won by support of many people.
Although a commendation ceremony becomes in May, it is reported on a homepage for details.


Saitama Prefectural Business Startup Support Center's URL :