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What's New

2017/11/20Report of MEDICA 2017, the international medical device exhibition.

ICST has exhibited at "MEDICA 2017" held at Messe Dusseldorf, Germany during November 13th to 16th 2017.


This was the fifth year since ICST had individual booth and our main products were those three below.
- "Breast Care Glove" for self-examination of breast cancer.
-Digital cuff inflator.
-Foot massager.


We would like to show our gratitude for visitors and all who supported us during exhibition.
ICST will join MEDICA 2018 next year. We look forward to seeing you there.


Voice of attendees
*It was a good opportunity to have face to face meeting with existing customers in overseas, and I hope it will improve business quality for both of us.
-Kei, Sales Department
*I could deepen understanding of the latest medical devices and it broaden my knowledge.
-Mantaira, Manufacturing Control Department
*I could face the energetic and active trade over international standards which I could never experience if I was at the office.
-Irikawa, Sales Department


2017/10/02Exhibited at Expocruz 2017

In cooperate with TAU Corporation, we exhibited our product, "Injection Trainer" at Expocruz 2017 which was held in Southern Columbia.
The exhibition itself was not only for the specialized products, but for a various service and products.
Please check the detailed information form the URL below, it includes the proper pictures by the sponsor and you can see how was the event like.

Exhibited at Expocruz 2017


2017/09/28Joined OJT training

On September 28th, we took part in the OJT training, which was held by Japan Center Project. 22 Russian small and middle-sized company owners as trainees came and join that program, and we introduced about our company's details and some projects which relate to Russia.

We look forward to the next steps.

Joined OJT training Joined OJT training


2017/09/19Exhibited at IVECCS 2017

Our product, "T.L.F Cuff" was exhibited at IVECCS 2017 which was held in the USA from 13th Sep 2017 to 17th.

T.L.F Cuff

T.L.F Cuff

Thank you for everyone who came and visited us.


2017/09/01Approved at the US patent!

Patent of "Diagnostic device for central sensitization" has been approved at the US patent. This patent is combination of ICST Corporation and Medical department of Keio University.

We are considering selling the device at the US.

Diagnostic device for central sensitization Diagnostic device for central sensitization


2017/08/23Diagnostic device for central sensitization

The medical equipment, "Diagnostic device for central sensitization", which is under fundamental research, has been confirmed patent approval.

ICST corporation and the Medical department of Keio University had been applying together and it is finally confirmed.

Diagnostic device for central sensitization Diagnostic device for central sensitization

When central sensitization is caused by chronic headache, temporomandibular disorder, and the like, in most cases, symptoms are not alleviated even if standard therapies for original headache and temporomandibular disorder are conducted, and treatments using an antidepressant and the like acting on the central nervous system are required.
Diagnosing the presence or absence of central sensitization is the key to treatment because the treatment method is totally different depending on it.
Therefore, we believe that there is demand on dedicated diagnostic device instead of depending on experienced doctors.
We will proceed the research and development of the "Diagnostic device for central sensitization" hoping to be registered as the new medical equipment.

Diagnostic device for central sensitization Diagnostic device for central sensitization


2017/03/21Product from Russian company!

ICST corporation started to sell paper craft called "Clever Paper" which is imported from Russian company Умная бумага, ООО(Umnaya Bumaga LTD).

There are more than hundreds of varieties, such as historical monuments, airplane, tank, doll house and furniture etc.

Clever Paper

Please be look forward to the future expansion of this Clever Paper!