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What's New

2007/12/19ICST Year-End and New Year Close.

We are sorry, will close on during the dates. We will back to office on January 4th 2007.

ICST Year-End and New Year Close: From: December 30th, 2007 To: January 6rd, 2008


2007/10/24Oridion merchandise was featured by the "Saitma Shinbun".

In page 4th of the Saitama Shinbun of October 24th, which area is Saitama economic, ICST was featured as "ICST made a full-scale entry into the hospital. They have developed 7 agencies in Japan". This newspaper reported that we tied up with Oridion Medical co. and began to sell Microcap series.


2007/10/22ICST was featured specially by the "Nikkan Kougyou Shinbun".

In page 19th of the Nikkan Kougyou Shinbun of October 19th, ICST was featured specially with title "Their outfacing management innovation. Young leader talked their maneuver". This newspaper reported, "President Yokoi of ICST spurred evolution own brand to seem closer medical device".


2007/10/16In the "Gas-Review", the product of Orideion was appeared.

The series of Microcap (Oridion) were featured on the segment of "circulation circuit" ( Page. 29). In this page, we were appeared, "ICST (Saitama-city) sells Capnometer."


2007/10/15Renewal of our Website.

We relaunched the top page on our website to be better visualization. In addition, we updated pages in Chinese with in Japanese on September 11th.


2007/09/14Oridion was introduced with The Nikkan Kougyou Shinbun.

In page 7th of the Nikkan Kougyou Shinbun of September 14th, ICST was featured with title "The concentration measurements of CO2 in the breath, ICST sell the medical device". This newspaper carried that ICST began to sell "Micro-Cap series" made in Oridion Medical Ltd.


2007/09/11ICST started to sell the Oridion Medical manufacture.

Today, ICST started to sell the Handy Capnogrph Microcap series and these consumable goods, which were manufactured by Oridion Medical (Oridion Medical 1987 Ltd, Head Office; Israel).

Capnograph is a device to measure EtCO2 and includes in many vital monitors. Microcap series, which we treated, can be usable in ICU, the rescue life guard room and the ambulance car because this is handheld.

We design to establish an agency and to expand them throughout all of Japan and anticipate profit of 50,000,000 yen in initial year.


2007/09/11Renewal of our website

We relaunched a little our website.


2007/09/10ICST Corporation featured in the monthly publication "Columbus".

ICST Corporation and Nozomi Car O2 Oxygen Concentrator for in-car use, they were featured on the segment of "the business forecast in the regional economic the Columbus Institute" in monthly publication "Columbus (Vol. September 2007)". In there, they were introduced that they "developed Oxygen Concentrator which could realize the comfortable car-life!!"

This monthly publication, "Columbus", is economical publication. This was first launched in October, 2001 to refresh the Japanese Economy from the regions. The contents of publication try to contribute to the more better development of region, by introducing active small and medium-size companies and the Venture and Entrepreneur, which based the region.


"TOHO-TUUSINSYA" : http://www.tohopress.com


2007/08/23ICST has funded research at Saitama Prefectural University

ICST has funded & started a study about "Effects of High Density Oxygen to Stress" with Professor Syunichi Ito; Department of Physical Therapy, School of Health & Social Service, Saitama Prefectural University.


2007/08/20ICST got design rights of original clinical thermometer.

ICST got design rights of original clinical thermometer. ICST has got design rights of original digital thermometer on July 27th, 2007 (Reg#: 1308819). Also ICST has been approved "A Sectional Design Rights" of clinical thermometer already.


Certificate of The design rights.

Photo of the Subjected
Clinical Thermometer


2007/08/08ICST was featured in "Healing Magazine"

ICST's commercial use oxygen concentrator "O2 Supply" was featured in "Healing Magazine Vol.16 (issued: July 25th)." It was titled "Suggest able equipments for medical treatment at one's own expense."

In the article, interviewee Mr. Tetsuya Ozeki; CEO of Joypal Corporation, suggested a collaboration of Water massage bed and Oxygen concentrator. "Healing Magazine "is a seasonal magazine issued by NPO Japan Therapist Association.


NPO Japan Therapist Association Web Page: http://www.e-shugi.jp/


2007/07/26ICST was elected as a "Saitama Excellent Company"

ICST Corporation was elected by Saitama International Business Support Center (SBSC) as a "Saitama Excellent Company"; The Best Selection of The Saitama's Globally Competitive Hi-Tech R&D Companies 2007-2008.

SBSC has Japanese brochure, but also has English language version.

The Saitama International Business Support Center advocates for Saitama Prefecture, which is located in the Tokyo Metropolitan area, outside of Japan, attracting foreign companies and affiliates. The SBSC also promotes the building of a company and personnel network.


The Saitama International Business Support Center (SBSC)
URL: http://www.saitama-bsc.jp/index_english.html


2007/07/20ICST will have Short summer break.

ICST Corporation will be temporary closed as short summer break; August 13-15. We are very sorry for your inconvenience, Please contact us after 16th.

//ICST Summer Break//
August, 2007
09th (Thu): Open
10th (Fri): Open
11th (Sat): Close
12th (Sun): Close
13th (Mon): Close
14th (Tue): Close
15th (Wed): Close
16th (Thu): Open
17th (Fri): Open


2007/07/17ICST released S-size "Hemostasis Pad A-T"

M-size & L-size of "Hemostasis Pad A-T" have been sold already by ICST. Today, S-size was newly added into the product list of "Hemostasis Pad A-T". New S-size dimension is half of M-size; 130mm x 100mm. Retail price in Japan is 714JPY (Incl. Tax)


2007/07/07Mr. Yokoi had a class at the University of Saitama.

On June 22nd, ICST's CEO Mr. Yokoi prelect a class at the University of Saitama, Graduate school of economical Science. The class is for Advanced Business Administration course, named "Business strategy with Intellectual Property."

This lecture is normally held by Mr. Sahara (chartered patent agent of Sight Total Patent Office). Only this time, Mr. Yokoi was invited as a special lecturer to prelect "a case example at ICST's patent strategy"


Sight Total Patent Office web site: http://braina.com/jp/


2007/07/07ICST has acquired "Sectional Design Rights" of clinical thermometer.

On June 15th, 2007, ICST has finished registration of "Sectional Design Rights" for self-developed clinical thermometer. Registration #: 1305961.
"Sectional Design Rights" is the industrial design rights for an unique idea. Since 2000, Law of Industrial Design Rights was revised. This registration system was started. This time, ICST registered "Unique Designed Shape of Measurement Tip of clinical thermometer", like below.


Certificate of Design Rights.

Registered part of Design Rights


2007/06/18ICST released "Hemostasis Pad A-T"

ICST Corporation; as an distributor, released "Hemostasis Pad A-T"."Hemostasis Pad A-T" is a cotton base emergency pad which is developed in Japan. This product can help early developing a scab, and enspeed a stopping of bleeding. It's very effective for an injury with massive bleeding or hardly done a direct pressure Hemostasis.This "Hemostasis Pad A-T" has been delivered to Japan Army & ambulances.

"Hemostasis Pad A-T" PDF data.


2007/06/04NOZOMI CarO2 was appeared in a magazine "Car Goods Press"

ICST's NOZOMI CarO2 was featured on the "New Gear Watch" in the "Car Goods Press Vol.31"(Publisher: Tokuma Shoten) which issued on June 2nd.
"Car Goods Press" is a monthly magazine which focused on Car goods outdoor goods, and Out door life


2007/05/15ICST has been licensed for "Retailing Specially Controlled Medical Devices".

ICST approved on May 9th, 2007 with license for "Retailing Specially Controlled Medical Devices". On the new pharmaceutical affairs law which was effected in 2005, medical device was separated into 4 classes which are depending on its risk level. "Specially Controlled Medical Devices" means Class 3 and 4 medical devices, which is rated as the highest risk level; If the medical device product have adverse effect or functional deficit, that may be threat one's life or health seriously. Previously ICST had had a license of "Class 2 medical devices seller" on old law. By this license for "Retailing Specially Controlled Medical Devices", ICST became to be able to sell high risk class 3 and 4 medical devices.


License for "Retailing Specially Controlled Medical Devices"


2007/05/08Opened President's column "Impressions of WBS Trend-tamago...

Opened President's column "Impressions of WBS Trend-tamago (=Egg of trend) interviewing"

There has been shown up "Impressions of WBS Trend-tamago (=Egg of trend) interviewing" as president's column in ICST web page.

Link to President's column "Impressions of WBS Trend-tamago interviewing"


2007/04/26ICST was appeared in a magazine "Gas Review"

Specialized industrial gas magazine "Gas Review" featured ICST's NOZOMI OG-101 & NOZOMI CarO2 in a new topic page(P.27) with title "ICST Developed Compact Size Oxygen Concentrator."

Issued: May 1st, 2007 Vol. 623
Magazine Name: By-monthly Specialized industrial gas magazine "Gas Review"
Publisher: K.K. Gas Review
Add: Shinko-Bldg, 1-1-57 Nakadera, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 5420065, Japan

URL: http://www.gasreview.co.jp/e/index.html


2007/04/21CarO2 was shown up on TV "Torend-Tamago"

On April 20th, ICST's Car O2 was taken up on "Trend-Tamago" (sounds like "Trend-Egg" in Japanese) at World Business Satellite, TV program. World Business Satelite(WBS): A famous news tv show for business peoples, TV-Tokyo Network(12ch) and BS-i bload casting, Mon-Fri 11:00PM-11:58PM.

Please visit to WBS web site, you can see movie which bloadcasted and Ms. Takii reporter's after talk video at the site.
To see these movies, it requires Real Player.

TV-Tokyo, "World Business Satelite" web site
Trend-Tamago (April 20th, 2007)


Trend-Tamago (April 20th, 2007) URL: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/wbs/toretama/070420.html


2007/04/17NOZOMI CarO2 appeared on Magazine "Auto-Mechanic"

Monthly Car maintenance magazine "Auto-mechanic (Vol. May 2007)", issued by Chu-gai Shuppan publisher, took up ICST's NOZOMI CarO2.

It was shown up as an interesting new product at "The 6th International Auto After Market Expo 2007".


2007/04/17NOZOMI CarO2 will be taken up at a News TV show "World Business Satellite...

NOZOMI CarO2 will be taken up at a News TV show "World Business Satellite (WBS)

ICST's NOZOMI CarO2 will be featured on "Trend-Tamago" of WBS by the TV-Tokyo networks & BS-Japan networks.
Broadcast: TV-Tokyo Networks, BS-i Networks
Program: World Business Satellite (News TV show which specified for business peoples)
Date: April 20th, 2007 (Fri)
Time: 11:00PM - 11:58PM


2007/04/12ICST was featured on "The Nikkei Business Daily"

On April 12th, an article about ICST was appeared on venture business page of "The Nikkei Business Daily".

ICST's NOZOMI OG-101 and NOZOMI CarO2 were introduced with titled "Self developed Oxygen Concentrator"


2007/04/11NOZOMI CarO2 was appeared in "Fuji-Sankei Business i"

On April 10th, ICST's NOZOMI CarO2 was featured as "Hands free, Refresh-able & Easy In-car Oxygen Concentrator debuted from ICST"


2007/04/11ICST was appeared in Saitama-edition of Nihon-Keizai Shimbun...

ICST was appeared in Saitama-edition of Nihon-Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei Newspaper).

There has been shown the article of the newspaper on "NIKKEI NET".
Dated: April 11, 2007
Title: ICST put out self-developed oxygen concentrator into domestic market.
Language: Japanese only, sorry.


URL: http://www.nikkei.co.jp/news/retto/20070410c3b1003u10.html
(This address can be eliminated without notification.)


2007/04/05ICST products were shown at "The Tokyo Health Industry Show 2007".

"The Tokyo Health Industry Show 2007" was held at Tokyo Big-site exhibition hall, from March 28th to 30th 2007. Some exhibitor witch ICST's partner showed their products with ICST's NOZOMI Oxygen concentrator.

At Air-Technologies booth, ICST's NOZOMI O2Supply was shown as High-density oxygen supplying unit for "O2 Shuttle"; Air-Technologies' oxygen capsule. Also "O2 CYGNUS", which is 30% oxygen concentrator for home use, was shown as reference exhibit.

At HearMec booth, they held demonstrations of wellness machine "Layinciser" with ICST's NOZOMI O2Supply.

At Celcom Medico Inc. booth, they held demonstrations of water bed type relaxation machine "Pure Tecoal" with ICST's NOZOMI Oxygen concentrators.


"The Tokyo Health Industry Show 2007" on March 26th- 30th 2007.


O2 CYGNUS"For reference exhibit

ICST's NOZOMI oxygen concentrator is
used for "O2 Shuttle"

Wellness machine with
NOZOMI O2 Supply at HearMec Booth.

Relaxation water bed with NOZOMI O2 Supply.