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What's New

2007/03/19The 6th International Auto Aftermarket EXPO 2007 was ended.

ICST with Biotel (Korea) had jointly set up a booth on "The 6th International Auto Aftermarket EXPO 2007" (=IAAE2007, Held at Tokyo Big-site, March 16th-18th).

IAAE2007 had total 38,000 visitors in 3 days. And then it was ended on a high note. Many of visitors could be interested in ICST's NOZOMI CarO2; Oxygen concentrator for in-car use, because it's the only one product ever. On the other side, IAAE2007 was held as an international trade show, exhibitors joined from 13 conuntries. ICST booth had not only Japanese visitors but also from Korea, China, Thai-land, Spain, Philippines and more.


The 6th IAAE for 2007.

To make its actual using image easily,
ICST prepared a real car seat with belt.

Demonstration & experience of
taking oxygen with relaxed.

ICST brought 6 units of NOZOMI CarO2.


2007/03/13ICST will be in "The 6th International Auto Aftermarket EXPO 2007"

ICST with Biotel will jointly set up a booth on "The 6th International Auto Aftermarket EXPO 2007" (=IAAE2007, Held at Tokyo Big-site, March 16th-18th). At the IAAE2007, ICST will come out with a NEW oxygen product.

Entrance fee is 1,000JPY.

IAAE2007 Website: http://www.iaae-jp.com/


2007/02/24ICST appeared in "The Saitama Newspaper"

On February 24th, ICST was featured on Saitama-economy page in "The Saitama Newspaper". It was titled "ICST started oxygen business with own brand NOZOMI". In the article, it showed two points about ICST.

-ICST's oxygen concentrator for home use
-Strategies for domestic business with NOZOMI branded products.


2007/01/19The office of ICST was relocated.

The office of ICST moved to the larger #102 room from the #404 room on February 1 in the same as MIO Kita Urawa building for expand our business.
In addition, an address, a telephone number, a FAX number, and e-mail are the same as previous one.


2006/12/11ICST Year-End and New Year Close

We are sorry, will close on during the dates. We will back to office on January 4th 2007.

ICST Year-End and New Year Close:

From: December 29th, 2006
To: January 3rd, 2007


2006/07/06Store Visiting in Russia

President Yokoi visited in Moscow Russia for business meeting with customer. He took time out from meeting schedule to visit stores. At many stores like "REAL HYPERMART" sell big quantity of ICST's NOZOMI products.
ICST's NOZOMI brand is so expanded as not expected in Russia. (President Mr.Yokoi said.)


Ms. & Mr. Yokoi with NOZOMI bland products
in Real Hypermart in Moscow.


NOZOMI Hand held massager

NOZOMI brand logo on product.


2006/06/20Interviewed for "Entrée Entrepreneurial Dictionary".

ICST was interviewed for a book for entrepreneur, "Entrée Entrepreneurial Dictionary 2006 Vol.2" Issued by Recruit. This interview was invited to ICST by Venture Business Support Center. ICST will be Show on full of a page as "Good example of a company which raised capital from out side of company." This dictionary will be in store on July 2006.


2006/06/09Health & Fitness Japan 2006, Exhibition held in Tokyo.

On June 6th - 8th 2006, "Health & Fitness Japan 2006 (HFJ2006)" was held at Tokyo Big Site in Tokyo Japan. ICST displayed "O2 Power (O2 generator for business use)" at a booth with cooperation of HearMEC*. ICST demonstrated a model combination of "O2 Power" and HearMEC's fitness machine "Layinciser." Also many visitors experienced it and then so satisfied the effects.


HFJ (Health & Fitness Japan) 2006

Display & demonstration at HearMEC booth.


O2 Power


2006/06/09ICST appeared in a cases book of business support.

On "Case book of local platform business support" issued by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, ICST case was appeared as a support model of Saitama City Foundation for Industrial Creation. This case book was issued for knowledge sharing of "How to support business well on local platform" and best practice of business support.


2006/04/24ICST Corp. has been approved for the authorization of...

ICST Corp. has been approved for the authorization of " Innovative Management Law " *.

Since ICST Corp. Established, we have been expanding and developing ICST business with our core business; Triangle-Trading between Russia, China and Japan. ICST just entered to 3rd year, therefore we are hoping to produce and develop the original brand  NOZOMI products to the world.

As the first step of it, ICST had been applying to government for " Innovative Management Law. " Its theme of us is " Production and development of the High/Low Concentration Oxygen Generator (Oxygen Density Control Device). "

On 17th Apr. 2006, ICST was approved for the authorization of "Innovative Management Law" as below.


SaiKeiKaku#1050 :
[Production and development of the High/Low Concentration Oxygen Generator (Oxygen Density Control Device), ICST]

From now on, ICST is going to invent and develop the Oxygen generator, produce and release to Russian and domestic market, and attain to expand oxygen business to 200million JPY in 5 years.

*Innovative Management Law:
It is a national law. It is to promote and encourage for SMEs' new businesses.
(SME = Small and Medium-sized Enterprise)
Such applying companies must have business model like;

- Production or development of new product.
- Production or development of new service.
- Introduction of new manufacturing model or selling model of product.
- Introduction of new offer model of service, other new business activity.

And approved company will be permitted some exceptions;

- Bounty system for SME's Innovative Management, and financing facility for upgrading.
- Low interest financing facility by Japan Finance Corporation for Small Business (http://www.jasme.go.jp/)
- Various tax privileges
- Exception of credit insurance by National Federation of Credit Guarantee Corporations (http://www.zenshinhoren.or.jp/)
- Exception of modernizing campaign funding for SME.
- Exception of Investment & Consultation system for SME.