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What's New

2005/03/13The ICST-brand came out with ARAB HEALTH 2005.

By ARAB HEALTH 2005 held in Dubai on 12-15 February, ICST exhibited the inhaler of its own brand.


20050313_2.jpg 20050313_3.jpg 20050313_4.jpg


2005/03/13A lecture is given on the theme of "challenging from Saitama to overseas."

President of ICST Hiroyuki Yokoi gave a lecture on the theme of "challenging from Saitama to overseas" at the SAITAMA SOHO KIGYOUKA KYOUGIKAI's lunch seminar held on February 28.


2005/02/01The office of ICST was relocated.

The office of ICST moved to the larger #404 room from the #106 room on February 1 in the same as MIO Kita Urawa building for expand our business.

In addition, an address, a telephone number, a FAX number, and e-mail are the same as previous one.


2005/01/31ICST was introduced by "The Saitama SOHO News".

ICST was introduced to the "Saitama SOHO News" December issue (Japanese Only) which a NPO Saitama SOHO Kigyouka-Kyougikai publishes as Topic. The Saitama SOHO Kigyouka-Kyougikai is the unprofitable-activities corporation established for the purpose of aiming at foundation starting of a SOHO entrepreneur in Saitama within the prefecture and support in respect of management, and ICST is the member.


2005/01/03We sent the new products to Germany MEDICA 2004 for display.

It exhibited in the IDT France booth to the international iatrotechnique trade fair MEDICA 2004 held from November 24, 2004 to November 27 in Dusseldorf/Germany.


20050103_3.jpg  20050103_4.jpg


2005/01/03We sent the new products to ZDRAVO OKHRANENIYE 2004 for display.

It exhibited by ZDRAVO OKHRANENIYE 2004 held from November 29, 2004 to December 2 in Moscow/Russia.


20050103.jpg  20050103_2.jpg


2004/11/05It sends to Germany MEDICA 2004.

ICST releases the new product of an oxygen concentrator and a skin moisture indicator to the international iatrotechnique special trade fair MEDICA 2004 by which the German Dusseldorf holding is carried out from November 24.


Oxygen Concentrator

Skin Moisture Indicator


2004/10/05It registers with the TTPP program of JERTO

JICST was registered into the TTPP program of JETRO. TTPP (Trade Tie-up Promotion Program) is a site for supporting the international search for a business partner which led the Internet, and many companies have participated until now.


2004/09/15It is an Incubation The Market and is a presentation

September 15, 2004, "The Incubation The Market" which the Saitama small-and-medium-sized-enterprises promotion public corporation sponsors was held in "With You Saitama." The entrepreneur by whom this event moves into a certain business incubation institution in Saitama Prefecture performs a presentation aiming at fund acquisition, market exploitation, etc. ICST performed the presentation on the theme of "creation of the business circulation by the international triangle", and acquired popularity.




2004/08/25biz@nifty printing

Introduction of ICST by the enterprise management consultant, Mr. Mitsunori Kakuta, was carried by biz@nifty. 

URL : http://biz.nifty.com/news/cp/view/01_forza/m_detail_04082400418.html (This page is closed now.)
Mr. MItsunori Kakuta's Homepage : http://www.up-stream.biz